Minimal Fees

Why Choose Toyota City?

If you have shopped for a vehicle before or you are shopping for a vehicle now, you have probably seen the "fees" that dealerships charge. These would include charges for "Administration" "Winter Packages" "Anti- Theft" and more.

Dealing with price shopping can become a very stressful and time consuming process. When it comes to Toyota, all the dealerships pay the same for their vehicles from the factory, no "volume discounts" exist. And despite popular belief and certain advertising, dealers do not sell vehicles "below cost", truth is if we all did that we would not stay in business very long.

Why choose Toyota City? We have been in business for over 35 years, serving customers all over Canada and providing the lowest prices on our vehicles. How? It is simple, we charge minimal to virtually no fees at all. Typically these inflated fees that larger dealerships charge are just another way to show you a lower price on the vehicle, this price may even be "below cost". However, there will be "fees" equal to hundreds or even thousands of dollars extra when the final numbers come to rest. We deal with it every day. Would you continue to do business with a business that hides pricing or even goes out of it's way to deceive you?

Come visit us in Wetaskiwin, a short drive from Edmonton, cars really do cost less in Wetaskiwin, because we do not charge extravagant fees. We offer very competitive pricing on all of our New and Pre Owned vehicles. Award winning Customer Service and the best deals province-wide.

Nobody will sell a car "below cost", but we will always deal with you honestly.

The rest of Canada does business with us… Shouldn't You?